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I am a 21 year old singer, songwriter, musician, poet, and writer. I love nature, travel, tea, words, people's stories and am a hopeless romantic. I post whatever I find beautiful or inspiring. Visit my writing and healthy living blog at

I miss this place and these people today. #esalen #sendingmylovetoyou
Back to Boston we go. I would like to thank #hunterhayes for feeding my inner child’s need for country music and stopping me from curling up in a ball and sobbing for the past few days. #somebody’sheartbreak #onrepeat
I woke up knee deep in recovery. My need today is self care, my reality is work. So today will be an exercise in small bits of gratitude and giving myself time. First: I am thankful for the trees outside my window and the bird songs. #gratitude #imissesalen #recovery

Healthy vegan food inspiration @


Healthy vegan food inspiration @


North Shore, Kauai | Hawaii (by Dean Christian)

Have Cake Will Travel

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Hotel entrance by jrobertblack on Flickr.

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